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ONPASSIVE’s Digital Revolution

A Breakdown of the Future You Can’t Miss!

Have you heard the latest from ASH MUFAREH on November 3, 2023? The ONPASSIVE ecosystem is about to transform your digital experience, and here’s why you should be excited!

**A Flawless Payment Processor:

ONPASSIVE is introducing a payment processor with top-notch security. You can make multiple payments but only one every 60 minutes to ensure your safety and protection.

**Unlimited Access: While you can make payments every 5 minutes, it’s recommended to stick to the 60-minute limit for your protection.

**Rocket Fuel Processor:A new and flexible processor is on its way, designed to be globally friendly.

**OConnect:This service is now stable, addressing recent challenges, and it’s gearing up to go viral in just two business weeks. New features are continually being added.

**Revamped OCconnect: The entire OCconnect platform is about to receive a major overhaul.

**Expansion of Services:OTracker, OVerify, and other products are following closely behind, opening up a world of possibilities.

**Verification:It’s free to verify within the ecosystem, earning you 10 OKoin and a label verification. Businesses can utilize these services in the B2B sector for a fee.

**Business Services:

ODesk and Staff offer enterprise packages, and oCreate is set to launch in early 2024, promising automation for website creation.

**OCounting:This powerful tool is making steady progress and will be ready in a few months, even helping with tax payments for 2024.

**Bulk Payouts:

Weekly bulk payouts ensure you can access your funds quickly, with a limit of 25K, subject to review.

**AI-Driven Platform: ONPASSIVE aims to become a single sign-on one-stop-shop, fully powered by AI, housed in its data center with five pillars under one roof.

**Innovations:Expect many exciting additions and improvements in the coming days, including new themes and enhanced features.

**Triple D:The ONPASSIVE motto is “Do it or do it daily,” reflecting a commitment to excellence.

**Partnerships and Growth:ONPASSIVE has already signed up several partnerships and verified services, with over 3 million customers, and this number is set to double.

**OCconnect Features:The option to add YouTube streaming options is coming, promising unlimited channels.

**Bulk Mailer Service:ONPASSIVE is introducing a bulk mailer service, ensuring data hygiene and protection against spam and hate mail.

**Ad Campaigns:A new profitable ad campaign model is in the works through ONPASSIVE.

With a staggering scale of 10 million potential customers, ONPASSIVE is poised to revolutionize the digital landscape. Get ready to experience the future of digital solutions under one roof, all powered by an AI-driven ecosystem. ONPASSIVE is not just a platform; it’s a digital game-changer. Don’t miss out on this exciting journey towards a more efficient, connected, and secure digital world!



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