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 Passive major updates:

1. OES Mobile App:- If you are not able to see it play store and app store link in OES,


Please refresh your Android mobile phone, restart it and delete all history. Then open OES, you can see the links available on Play Store and App Store to download OES app.

What to do after downloading OES app?

This is OES official

Passive technologies. L.L.C.

Capacity 24 MB.

Download it and give positive comments, extraordinary, excellent, amazing, awe-inspiring,

Amazing, sensational, astonishing, gorgeous, awesome etc. whatever you like best.

And actually give a 5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating.

SUMMARY of Mr. Ash Mufareh’s statement:

Good day to all our OnPassivians around the world. Behind the scenes, things are evolving really fast. Thousands of new customers are coming to ONPASSIVE every day. Thank God for all the brand advertising, ONPASSIVE metro stations, Dubai advertising shopping malls, Burj Khalifa, affiliations with governments, authorities etc. You can’t do all this and control the market.

In fact our CEO, Ash Mufareh is a genius and king of marketers. ONPASSIVE is just getting started. Card payment mode is just one thing, it will be live again and better and it will make us own our own bank in near future. just be patient. Can you imagine our company ONPASSIVE becoming the next unicorn company in just 4 months from now? We already have a pile of new customers who will be distributed among active founder accounts,” said Ash Mufareh. He also said, in just 4 months, ONPASSIVE could cross the $1 billion mark! And after that, it is sure that we can count on billions within 12 months of launching our products to the public. Now, did you know that, 50% of this revenue will go to ONPASSIVE founders/resellers worldwide? Please, I encourage us all to think about better days ahead. As time goes on, we will all have more than enough customers. It is our privilege to be an ONPASSIVE Founder/Reseller. The biggest adventure of our lives has begun.

Have dreams. Believe it. Get it.

Most Distinctive Features:- 

* It is running flawlessly, efficiently and effectively.

*No dates shared with third parties or any company or organization.

*This app does not collect or share any user’s data.

Full form of LLC – Limited Liability Company

  2. Payment Card System:-

Processors and features of the new payment card system.

*Our CEO is on a noble mission to provide us with the longest lasting dynamic top class durable processors and payment card systems.

What is our CEO doing now?

*He is working tirelessly and taking all the last steps to give you the perfect card payment system.

  *What is the current scenario?

Answer. Pay in and pay out are still closed.

Subscription to O-CONNECT through crypto has also been stopped.

*When will we get the new processor and payment card system?

Answer. No speculation…please

Once the processor and new payment card system is complete and up to 100%.

You will get the information in your OES BACKOFFICE.

Or our CEO will make an announcement regarding this in the international corporate webinar or 360 webinar.

* Will there be a rescheduling of the new timing of O-CONNECT subscription?

Answer. Yes, of course, the CEO is a very promising and truthful person.

There is definitely going to be a restructuring of the O-CONNECT timeline.

  *big questions

Is the company building its own processor payment card system or a third-party merchant?

Answer. Our CEO will tell the right things at the right time.

  *What’s next?

Answer. Yes, once we get the processor flawlessly efficient and the new payment card option, with PAY-IN & PAY-OUT available 24 hours a day, our business can start up fast.

👍🏻 We will see O-VERIFY, complete the verification on time as soon as we get O-VERIFY.

👍🏻 Many products like O-Tracker, O-Desk are ready.

👍🏻Bonus and traffic options will definitely be available as well.

So everything is in process and goes with the flow.

  *What do you have to do now?

Answer. The best answer is that you enjoy your work and the free products O-Mail connects with O-Trim and O-Net and attend O-Connect webinars to train and nurture your mindset. Give valuable time.

Stay tuned…a big thing is being revealed in OnPassive.

Stand with our CEO and show unwavering support and extraordinary love with our technical team, our CEO. be positive. Be civilized.

ONPASSIVE is about how we behave, how we change the lives of millions of people through our compassionate efforts.

You are undoubtedly going to enjoy the ultimate lifestyle of grand luxury. Your life is all set 💯*%, dignified dignified powerful lifestyle, you can fulfill infinite dreams, enjoy great values.


Have dreams. Believe it. Get it!! 



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