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I cannot explain better than this. This is only a sutra under the meeting of Yas Sir that day and you guys should also understand the same. Don’t go ahead, if it will be better in future then we will know that also.

Onpassive news

Crystal Simple Count: Passive

Mind-set development.

It is based on the most recent major update to Backoffice.

For Founder Members**:-

Open shutter of OES business:-

in Case-01

** You have to pay 143$ + gov.tax (GST in India) for O-CONNECT purchase.

Meaning of first sale:

Let us understand through example.

** Assuming you have 5 direct founding members

** You have purchased O-Connect.

** Whoever among your five direct buys O-Connect for 143$ first,

You will get πŸ’―% commission.

143$ is just yours in my wallet.

Meaning of second sale:-

1 out of 5 directs goes to 100 πŸ’― percent commission, the remaining 4 direct founding members will also buy for 143$,

** 25 percent of the remaining $143 of 4 direct sales will be credited to my wallet.

This is the second sale and every subsequent direct sale will receive a 25 percent commission.

** Then total income in case of 5 direct founder members.

143 $ ( πŸ’―%) + 4 x 143 $ x 25/100 ( 25%) = $ 286.

**You will also get some bonus.

In case 2.

Zero Team Income:

A founding member with no direct connections.

**ONPASSIVE AI will drive traffic to a direct user.

** First Sale:-

New users will need to pay $250 in the first quarterly cycle to purchase O-CONNECT.onp

Β  ** As soon as you pay 143$ and open the shutter of your business.

** πŸ’―% = 250$ of 250$ provided by the user to the company during the first sale will come to my wallet.

** Then other users will either be provided by the company or you will bring, every second sell will bring 250 $ of 25 % = 62.5$ credit to my wallet.

** There is zero team hero here.

** Some bonus will also be available.

** These are the genius marketing strategies of Mr. Ash Mufareh.

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