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ONPASSIVE Unveils Game-Changing Update:

“A Journey Towards Owning the Internet by Ash Mufareh, Our Visionary CEO”

Onpassive updates


In a groundbreaking 360 Webinar, ONPASSIVE’s CEO, Ash Mufareh, shared a thrilling update, setting the stage for a new era in the digital landscape. This article delves into the key highlights and major pillars that ONPASSIVE is putting in place to revolutionize the internet.

Felicitation and Enjoying the Process:

Amidst the excitement, Red and the ONPASSIVE community celebrate the ongoing journey with gratitude. The CEO encourages everyone to “Go with the flow” and relish every moment.

Reorganize & Remake the Internet:

Discover ONPASSIVE’s ambitious mission to reorganize and remake the entire digital ecosystem, aiming for nothing less than a transformation in how we experience the online world.

The Five Pillars of Own Internet:

Explore the comprehensive plan outlined by the CEO, detailing the five crucial pillars that form the foundation for ONPASSIVE’s vision of owning the internet. From a universal single sign system to an exclusive data and domain register, each pillar is dissected for a clear understanding.

Big Updates Unveiled:

Delve into the specifics of when each of the five pillars will be fully realized. Excitingly, four out of the five pillars are set to become a reality in 2023, marking a significant milestone for ONPASSIVE.

Creating Brand Identities:

ONPASSIVE not only aims to own the internet but also empowers its members to build their brand identities in the online world. Learn how you can organically enhance your business presence through data control, hosting, O-verify, and O-domain.

Major Breakthroughs and Everything is a Done Deal:

Uncover the simplicity of the major breakthroughs achieved by ONPASSIVE, particularly in terms of controlled pay-ins and pay-outs. The article assures readers that everything is on track for completion in 2023, except for the process of the data centre, scheduled for 2024.

Revolutionizing the Internet:

Get insights into ONPASSIVE’s mission to revolutionize the concept of internet AI by 2024. The article hints at the grand opening of multiple data centres in various locations, promising an unparalleled internet experience.

Multiple Data Centres Unveiled:

The climax reveals the anticipation surrounding the disclosure of ONPASSIVE’s multiple data centres, set to be available in 2024. Teasers about the locations and the sheer magnitude of this development leave readers in awe.


In closing, the article emphasizes the incredible value and super brand ONPASSIVE is creating in the internet world, expressing gratitude for an invincible CEO and assuring readers that the revolution is well underway.


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