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Β  Marty DeGarmo:

Are you ready and are you serious? Keep up with the journey wherever you are. Let’s be seriousβ€”this forum is big enough for anyone. You can crawl, walk and fly. ONPASSIVE is for everyone. Remember, bring out your old dreams and get ready to turn them into reality. Try not to anticipate what is to come, enjoy what is already available. When the company issues instructions we will all know how to take the next step.

Red Redfern:

Last seven days. Michael Williams was our guest. He had many inspiring thoughts to share. Seven days extension given with O-Connect. Thursday was recap day. New payment methods were added to OES on Friday. On Saturday, Chris Johnson’s daughter got married, Antje Hahn announced her engagement, Sunday was the finale of the ONPASSIVE YouTube contest, and the official YouTube channel hit 1/2 million subscribers in one year, an amazing milestone. , Monday was CMO Nazzal’s birthday, and a new webpage, and then Mr. Mufareh was on O-Menu’s webinar with some amazing teaching and updates. The company has made every effort to ensure our success. Founders and resellers need to keep funds ready for activation. The sooner you act, the sooner you get paidβ€”you can take advantage of everything while you can.



Mr. Mufareh said that we are interested in your success. All you need is a reason. Get ready, get ready When the first paid product is available, Chris said he’ll be ready to activate. We are going to make a difference where others have never even attempted.

Michael Williams:

It’s always good to interact with other founders. ONPASSIVE is just IT – everything you could want to improve your position. What we’ve heard from our CEO Mufareh over the years is true, it’s great. We are all over the world, and all we have to do is β€œstay in”. ONPASSIVE will provide something that has not been done before. do what you can. some will tell the world; Some people will tell their friendsβ€”just be you, and do what you can. Be who you are and how you can impact humanity by being yourself – you all have something to give, and ONPASSIVE is giving us the platform to do so. It’s time to go!!!

Susie McCrae:

Susie reflects on the past few webinars done by Mike, Charles, Dan and Marty. Looking back on the journey, we can laugh at the many memories. Now, Aish wants us to succeed with the passions that matter to everyone. The company has provided platforms to accomplish this. We have been told that when you receive a gift, say thank you and then tell us what you will do with that gift. We have an obligation to use this gift for ourselves and for others. This would be a huge thanks to Mr. Mufareh. Be the best version of yourself and give back to others.

Gursminder Dhillon:Β 

He likes the way OP 360 is shaping itself. Many thanks to 360 hosts. For five years we have been transitioning from ONPASSIVE. There have been many changes in our thinking. Mr. Mufareh and ONPASSIVE have developed a platform to bring change for each one of us and for the society. Gursminder remembers Mr. Mufareh’s driver in Boston. Gursminder was asked to talk to the driver. The driver asked who is this person I am driving around. His thinking is very different and of a very high level. Driver agreed that Mr Mufareh was a phenomenal figure and millions would follow him. Something is driving us forward with ONPASSIVE-Belief in Yourself- and the company is helping us grow year after year.

Dan Street:

ONPASSIVE is second to none. Like Susie, past webinars were fun, but they seem light years away. OnPassive can help anyone change and achieve many things. It doesn’t cost much to seek advice, and he encourages us to ask how to prepare for what is to come. How can we run our business more efficiently? He ended his talk with a quote from Jim Rohn: β€œNurture the mind just as you nourish your body. The mind cannot survive on junk food. This is a great analogy for what we can do to prepare our minds for what kind of business we want from the ONPASSIVE opportunity.

Charles Osong:

We’ve come a long way. He has evolved in many ways. He encourages us to give back. it is comfortable; Easiest thing he’s done online. There is nothing online that can compare to ONPASSIVE. Empower peopleβ€”teach them to fish. Quote by Zig Ziglar: β€œYou can have everything you want in life, if you will help other people get what they want.” This is a once in a lifetime opportunity – Mr. Mufareh has said that there will be a world before ONPASSIVE and we will see that change in history


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